Eating on budget-wise: Why pho is more budget-friendly than you think.

Updated: Mar 2

It’s a Wednesday night, and you come home after a long day of work. The mid-Feb weather is still chilly. You were craving comfort food - Something warm, full, meaty to restore your energy. And around the corner, there was a Pho shop. You step in, and the aromatic fragrance fills the air. The waitress places a big hot bowl of Pho in front of you with a basket full of herbs. You take a spoonful of soup, and in less than 10’, you’ve finished your bowl of Pho. What a wonderful meal you’ve not got in quite a long time!

You think for yourself, “This is the place. I’ll keep visiting this Pho store more often!” And here comes the check. “Wait a minute. It was 12$ plus the tips. It’s even more expensive than that Ramen you had last week. Isn't Vietnamese food supposed to be cheaper than Japanese food???”

Hold your horse before labeling Pho as overpriced. Let's break down what’s added up to the price of Pho? Why eating Pho is more budget-friendly than you think.

Pho - A comfort food bowl for your chilly weather

  1. A bowl of Finest Fresh:

The cardinal rule of culinary is: You must have the best ingredients to make good food. In the case of Pho, it means the freshest chicken or beef marrow has to be ready. The secret to a good bowl of pho lies in its stock. The broth is usually infused with fragrant star anise, clove, and cinnamon to lend a natural sweetness to the mix. Simmering for at least 3 hours for chicken broth and at least 6-8 hours for beef, you’ll eventually get the rich and aromatic broth.

More than 8 hours broth with bone marrow

More than 8 hours broth with bone marrow

Shrouded in clouds of steam, the cook will assemble each bowl to order. The boiling broth is poured over a bed of soft rice noodles and sliced meat and topped with a handful of chopped herbs and chives. Each diner will customize their bowl to taste, with squeezes of lemon, slices of red chili, sprigs of basil, and dabs of hoisin sauce. It's an experience no visit to a Vietnamese restaurant is complete without.

Assembling bowls of Pho

Come with your bowl of Pho is a big basket of herbs. There are Lemon, fresh chili, coriander, basil, bean sprouts (blanched in boiling water or eaten raw), thinly sliced ​​onion (can be soaked in vinegar) for you to dip in the boiling broth and enjoy the meal. Living up to our Vietnamese hospitality, in Alo Vietnam Dulles, you can have unlimited herbs for free.

Authentic Vietnamese Spice to make Pho

It's easy to find rice noodles, star anise cloves, and cinnamon when you’re in Vietnam. But when it comes to the States, they are all imported goods. Some recipes say we can just replace those spices with other ingredients. But an authentic Vietnamese always knows there can’t be anything as good as original recipes. So trust your taste buds when it sings to a good bowl of Pho because we do bring our Vietnamese spice halfway across the globe to you.

  1. No extra fees:

The Pho bowl's base price means a complete meal with a perfect balance of carb (noodle), protein- meat topping, and Vegetable - herb. YOU CAN EASILY BE FULL WITH A BASIC BOWL OF PHO. There is no need for extra toppings with hidden prices such as slides of Chashu, eggs, or veg, unless, well, you have a big appetite. In such a case, we suggest a 2nd bowl.

Pho noodle soup at Alo Vietnam Dulles Airport

A bowl of Pho is a complete meal

  1. A fair wage for fair work

The common perception of Vietnamese food or Asian Food being cheap came from the fact that many Asian restaurants take advantage of their staff to sell volume and pay cheap. But at Alo Vietnam Dulles, we strive to change the status quo. We aim to provide our team with truly fair earnings for all people with any type of skin, ethical background, or experience to better their future through honesty.

While Vietnamese Food is programmed to be cheap in the past, we are moving forward and taking ownership and pride in our generation's recipes while catching up with the most current trend in culinary and providing our customers with the best service.

So if you agree that in 2022, where commodities, rent, gas have increased by multiple, people deserve a fair wage for fair work, you’re allying with us.


It's easier to take your pick and have a meal at some place cheaper, a bowl half as full and the veg come in half, the staff are not as responsive and hospitable because they have to cater for multiple tables at a time. But at the end of the day, we are still here to provide you with fresh and authentic Vietnamese food with our original recipes and our fair-treated staff.

At AloVietnam Dulles, we try to provide our customers with the most reasonable price while maintaining Authentic Vietnamese food. Check out our March Calendar for special events and enjoy Pho night for only 7 Dollars!

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