Your pocket guide to spending the Tet holiday like an authentic Vietnamese!

Updated: Mar 3

Tet, or Lunar New Year, is undoubtedly the most important celebration in Vietnamese culture and a major holiday across the country. Although the New Year date is 1.1 by the lunar calendar, the days leading up to Tet and the following days are considered as national holidays. Some even claim that the preparation made Tet special.

Vietnamese prepare for Tet by cooking specific New Year foods, cleaning out their homes, buying new clothing, and paying respects to their ancestors. Flowering trees are placed outside every home and office, and a feeling of excitement and cheer envelops the entire country.

So if you want to celebrate like a real Vietnamese, here are four staple customs to join in, as well as an event from Alo Vietnam Restaurant that set your mood for the Tet holiday.

1. Indulge yourself in traditional food!

Food - especially the Tet cake bánh chung - is an essential component of the an authentic, during the Tet holiday celebrations. According to folklore, the last King Hùng could not decide which of his sons would take the throne, so he competed to find which son could bring him the best dish in the world. One son stood out as he presented these two savory rice cakes representing heaven and earth.

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During the Tet holiday across Vietnam, families will sit down, gather and talk about the past year. Rounds of toast for new year’s wishes is a must. Each region has its version of the Lunar New year meal. In the North, nem (fried spring rolls), banh chung (sticky rice cake), and whole-boiled chicken with Banh Chung are considered a staple. Meanwhile, a Southern Tet meal is caramelized pork and bitter melon soup.

The Tet dishes are carefully prepared and artsy presented and stand for the passing of hardship and hope for the new year.

2. Show off your best Ao Dai:

The “Áo dài” is a Vietnamese national dress and one of the country’s most striking symbols of beauty and elegance. Dated back to the 16th century, the áo dài has its story of evolving alongside Vietnam history, going from casual to regal, from high fashion to humble. Nowadays, The Ao dai is appreciated by the young and old, with variations to suits.

The Vietnamese áo dài is appreciated by the young and old alike, and its elegant lines flatter both men and women.

Vietnamese women love wearing áo dài for photoshoots in beautiful settings. During Tet (Lunar New Year), you’ll see the dress in all its glory as women wear it to visit friends and family and pay tribute at temples and shrines.

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3. Give away lucky money.

What is the red envelop that Vietnamese people give away during Tet? The answer is quite simple. It is “li xi” (Southernly called) or "tien mung tuoi" (Northernly called) - or lucky money. This traditional custom is prevalent in Vietnam and other Asian societies. A small amount of money can bring good fortune to the upcoming year. However, “li xi” is not limited only to the first day, but can even last to the 9th or 10th day of the Tet Festival, and given when the adults first met the kids.

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4. Karaoke with your family

Finally, no party is complete with some bit of fun. Vietnamese people LOVE Karaoke. For Vietnamese people, Karaoke is a way to relax and bond. During the Tet holiday, when the karaoke bars are closed, home Karaoke is an opportunity for everyone to let loose.

Vietnamese people put their heart and soul into a song and give a diva-worthy performance. They don’t shy away from the high notes and there’s no trace of embarrassment or irony as they clench their firsts and cast their eyes wistfully to the sky. No one seems to care about the quality of the singing itself – it’s all about having a good time. Some of the most popular Tet karaoke songs include Abba Happy New Year with its melancholic chorus: “Happy New Year, Happy New Year..” that brings back the 70s vibe.

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